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Bundler for 1/2 stere

Tie and strap your wood like a professional.

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Evolutive bundler

Pack your wood in a cubic meter bundle (at 1m) or a half cubic meter bundle (50 cm).
Easy to use and comfort with practice swing, time saving. Robust construction ensures a long service life. Pivoting mechanism ensures ergonomic work.


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Supporting frame for woodsplitter 12-27 tons and bundler : SIFF

The SIFF consists of a bundling machine and a slot for a 12 to 27 Tons splitting machine. As standard, the SIFF is equipped with a lighting rail and reflective panels for safe circulation.

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Grapple KTS

The grapples  KTS are manufactured in reinforced steel for maximum pulling strength and prolonged service life. Use of this steel also makes the grapple lighter. Grapple for bough available

Max. loading : 1 - 3,5 tons depending on the model
Max. capacity : 0,18 - 0.35 m² depending on the model 

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Arm grapple KTS

Robust arm grapples for intensive handling.
They can be fitted to front loader with standard EURO hitch and need hydraulic supply from tractor ( double effect required ).

Max. loading : 1 tons
Max. capacity : 0,18 - 0.21 m² depending on the model 

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Timber claw KTS

The timber claw is a powerful and robust tool. 
It has a massive but flexible structure to avoid to twisting in case of heavy loads.
It is designed to lift, move and load timbers or poles, heavy-pipes and round bales.

Max. loading : 3 - 6 tons depending on the model

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Timber blade FOREST MASTER

The Timber blade is a particularly robust and strong tool.
The hydraulic cylinder and the clamp have been designed for high loads.Its particular shape allows stability of any timber.

Max. loading : 2,4 tons

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360° rotator

360° rotator with shaft or flange.

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5 m independant conveyor - TMB serie

Independant conveyor, ideal to transport wood or other materials.

Conveyor length : 5 m
Conveyor width : 35 cm
Power supply : Electric / Hydraulic tractor / Petrol

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