Manufacturing is our trade

AMR, Forestry & farming equipment manufacturer since 1984

Nearly 4500 machines are designed and manufactured each year in our 10 700 m2 factory in Alsace.

We are proud to be making high-quality machines in France so as to offer our users reliable, high-performance products. This is the process for making machines of this kind:

Conception - DESIGN OFFICE

Conception - DESIGN OFFICE

Imagine, develop, optimise and design our machines is the role of the Design Office. Our customers help us a lot for our inspiration.

Fabrication - Laser

Manufacturing - Laser

Pieces up to 20mm thick are cut by this machine.

Fabrication - FOLDING

Manufacturing - FOLDING

Parts up to 3000mm wide are folded by our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine.

Fabrication - BENDING

Manufacturing - BENDING

Our bending machine is programmed according to the size of the tubes. Elasticity of the material allows very complex bending.

Fabrication - WELDING

Manufacturing - WELDING

Depending on the part, the welding is manual or robotic.

Fabrication - PAINTING

Manufacturing - PAINTING

Before assembly the parts are powder painted.

Fabrication - ASSEMBLY

Manufacturing - ASSEMBLY

The final step is here, assembling and final control !

Manufacturing - Subcontracting