Hand pliers vs Sapie for wood handling

Wood handling without having backache ?  that’s  possible !

Sapie or  hand pliers are essential tools for ergonomic work.
Nicolas B is an AMR customer who have a VPF16 vertical log-splitter .  Convinced by the hand pliers, we ask him to try the sapie.

Advantage and disadvantage  by using a hand pliers​

Advantage by using  Sapie – according to Nicolas B.

  • >  No need to bend down for raising wood
  • >  When the pieces of wood  are properly stocked, it’s easier to  draw them with the sapie.
  • >  With big piece of wood  on a flat ground, I think interesting to roll the wood during handling. I haven’t to bring the log-winch out.

Disadvantage by using Sappie – according to Nicolas B.​

  • >  After hours of work, the sappie is too heavy
  • >  When you bring the wood near to log-splitter, the plier allowed to turn the piece of wood while the sapie not.
  • >  Wood handling with the sapie after splitting, takes too much time. It’s better with hand working
  • >  During wood drawing, it could be destabilize the user when the sapie comes down
  • >  The plier is more safe and easy to use for search some wood which are far from the log-splitter


Conclusion of the test from Nicolas B. :

I think the sapie is very helpful to raise pieces of wood without having backache. In my opinion, the sapie can be complementary of the plier,  not replace it.

The AMR Team still  prefer the sapie

The sapie or « wood pick » is an extension of the hand which  is really useful for wood handling. Especially because there is no need to bend down for moving  wood until the log-splitter.                        
Whether with  vertical or horizontal wood splitter,   the AMR team is definitely  convinced  that the sapie is the right tool for wood handling .

Discover ergonomic accessories and tools in the AMR splitting range :

> Sapie
> Log-lift
> Log-winch

Discover the video, how to use the sapie during wood splitting whith vertical and horizontal log-splitter

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