• 1 I am looking for information about the AMR product ranges, where can I get it?

    The AMR product ranges can be seen on our website in the catalogue section, as well as in our catalogues which we can send to you. You can also get information from an AMR dealer close to where you are. If you do not know of any, you can contact our importers.

  • 2 How do I find an AMR dealer close by?

    By contacting the area manager who will give you the contact details of an AMR dealer and who will answer all your questions. Contact details.

  • 3 How do I get to attend an AMR equipment demonstration?

    You can come to see us at one of the exhibitions we are taking part in or else contact the area manager to find out when the next demonstrations are scheduled in your area. 

  • 4 How do I activate my warranty?

    You just need to complete the warranty activation form. Please note that you will need the information shown on the label of the machine.

  • 5 I have lost my manual; where can I get another one?

    When you make a purchase from your dealer, a user manual is included with the machine. If this is lost, you can contact the same dealer to get a copy of it. If the dealer does not have the manual you need (old machines for example), you can contact AMR via the contact form.

  • 6 Who do I have to contact if there is a problem - customer services?

    You contact your dealer who sold you the equipment, as they are the preferred contact who will take responsibility for dealing with the problem.

  • 7 What are the terms of my warranty?

    - The warranty is valid for two years as from the date of the order.

    - For the warranty to be valid, you have to provide the warranty sheet duly completed (point of sale stamp, date of purchase - salesperson's signature, serial number and year of manufacture) along with the invoice.

    - The warranty only covers repairs involving replacing items which have proved to be defective after verification by AMR. The cost of spare parts is borne by AMR. Labour costs and travel expenses are borne by the dealer. Wearing parts (brass slide, cable, belt) are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not take into account transport costs.

    - For the safety of the user and the validity of the warranty, it is absolutely essential to use spare parts recommended by AMR (contact your dealer for more information).

    The warranty is cancelled:

    - If there have been attempts to carry out repairs not prescribed by the manufacturer,
    - In the event of a defect resulting from poor maintenance or misuse by an unauthorised person.

  • 8 I am looking for AMR spare parts; where can I find some?

    AMR dealers also sell spare parts for our machines.

  • 9 I bought an AMR machine without any options, can I add some?

    All our options can easily be integrated into the basic models. If you need any information, you can contact your AMR dealer, find out about it on the website or contact us via the contact form. (Please specify the type of machine, the year of manufacture and the serial no. to enable us to assess the feasibility in the best possible way)

  • 10 How do I maintain my AMR equipment?

    First of all, by adhering to the instructions for use presented in your machine's operating manual. With regard to the specific maintenance of your machine, you need to refer to the "MAINTENANCE" section in the user manual. Your AMR equipment will then retain all its qualities: performance, strength, safety and ease of use.

  • 11 I have some comments about your equipment, can I contact you?

    Are you an AMR customer who has some observations / comments to make about one of our machines? You can let us know all about it on the contact form.