Manufacturing is our trade

AMR, Forestry & farming equipment manufacturer since 1984

Nearly 4500 machines are designed and manufactured each year in our 10 700 m2 factory in Alsace.

We are proud to be making high-quality machines in France so as to offer our users reliable, high-performance products. This is the process for making machines of this kind:

Conception - DESIGN OFFICE

Conception - DESIGN OFFICE

To imagine, develop, optimise and design our machines is the role of the Design Office. Our inspiration comes from our customers.

Fabrication - Laser

Manufacturing - Laser

Parts up to 22mm thick are cut from metal sheets by our laser-cutter.

Fabrication - FOLDING

Manufacturing - FOLDING

Parts up to 3000mm wide are folded by our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine.

Fabrication - BENDING

Manufacturing - BENDING

Our bending machine is programmed according to the pipe’s dimensions. The material elasticity allows complex yet accurate bending.

Fabrication - WELDING

Manufacturing - WELDING

According to the type of welding, fabrication is manual or automated.

Fabrication - PAINTING

Manufacturing - PAINTING

When the parts are ready they are powder-coated then baked harden the paint and make it look bright.

Fabrication - ASSEMBLY

Manufacturing - ASSEMBLY

The final step is here to assembly all parts!



Since our creation we offer industrial outsourcing services. Our know-how and experience make us able to meet the requirements for quality, price and deadlines.
One of our oldest customers (33 years) is Kuhn based in Saverne, Alsace.



The JMEKA mini diggers are also manufactured in the AMR factory.
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